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Moving forward in life
living my dreams.

Born in Marseille surrounded by Les Calanques, I have always been attracted by the outdoors. I started running at the age of 7. Attracted by many sports such as mountain biking, skiing, mountaineering, windsurfing later on, I decided to engage a long studying engineering course instead motivated by challenges in general. That period has been a key step growing and learning through a competitive field, working hard every day to build up strong mental skills. Moved to Compiègne in 2009, about an hour drive from Paris to build up my new nest, leaving the family that gave me so much and protected me from the real world to put me in the best conditions of success, I then discover the capital, the world of work, the student parties ... a hell of a change with the possibility of building my own life project. But far from the hills I used to enjoy. First cames the desire to have 200% fun as if we had to make up for the lost time of years working hard to integrate the intellectual elite. Thus, I had fun in this life of debauchery to empty my head until the end of the night. I discovered other sport, team sport like rugby for which I had a new passion as it englobes lots of values easily usable in life. During my career, I also moved abroad, in China and then in England. I expand my bag with new experiences as well as encounters that make life such a precious moment. In the tradition of an almost perfect life, I was 23 years old when I signed my first working contract, in Toulouse. Rocket launched for a good life, a good salary that falls at the end of the month, the mountains not far away, the ocean little more and pubs even closer! I switch from work to parties at a steady pace until I lose the taste of it all. Demotivated by the challenges of this work and the night life, I am about 90kgs and I can see the sunlight mostly during my smoking breaks.


I smoke, I drink, nothing stops me and the crazier we are the more we laugh such is my motto. Except that I like to push the bar always a little higher than the others... a reason? maybe focus the other's attention, feel alive, discover myself by pushing the limits more and more and regret nothing. And finally I gradually lose control of what really drives me.

I concede more and more ground and the constraints that was in a corner of my head have become an obsession. I don't like what I do and I destroy my health to forget. Fortunately, I meet passionate people who push me to return to my intrinsic values, that is to say, surpassing myself, getting out of my comfort zone and challenging myself, OUTSIDE.


I changed most of my daily habits and became an aficionado of pure performance. Apart from the fact that I like wine and good meals too much, I certainly allow myself some exceptions but my life goal becomes quite different. Projects in the mountains, trail running and keep looking for my limits. Not without becoming gaga, I set up a new life rhythm with running priorities.
I discover a passion in the search of performance, both in running through the mountains and at work. One mutation leads to another. The maturity acquired on one hand consolidates the foundations of the other. A kind of virtuous circle. I become master of my dreams and able to live my life to the fullest. I realize that I love my life and I give myself 200% to live it even if it means leaving everything and building a new life on the other side of the world.
Motivated by new adventures beyond our borders, I quit my job and bought flight ticket to move to New Zealand. An extraordinary country where nature seems to preserve its rights. 3 years out of the ordinary to combine my passion for trail running, the mountains and my new position as a business manager. A life 300% dedicated to my new passion, ultra trail. A mix between the desire for challenge, the desire to travel and the unconditional love for nature pushes me in 2016, bib 2067, to take the start of the Northburn 100, reputed as one of the hardest run locally. I win it in 24hrs40 and improves the best time of more than 1hr30. Celebration, itw, podcasts, sponsorship contracts, I am solicited and unconsciously I enter a new area.
Social networks become my daily life or almost, to the detriment of my quiet evenings on the sofa, without wanting to, I become a 1.0 athlete. Perform, represent sponsors, communicate, keep a community alive. I keep winning local victories and I start to travel to move on more important races like the ultra-trail world tour. 2 top 10 in 4 months, a growing notoriety, I have my finger caught in the gear, I live for my sport, at work I think outdoors project, I eat outdoors and dream outdoors. No more motivation in my job as an engineer, I buy a van, arrange it and go on the move.

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These 5 months will be decisive, relaxing, conducive to reflection. I go on and on in the mountains, breathe my new life as a gypsy, without a precise or concrete future but simply happy to live in the present moment. Skiing, running, sharing these moments with friends but also finding myself alone, facing my destiny. The desire to return to France is extremely strong. The date is taken.
I settled in the family home in Puy Aillaud in the Hautes Alpes. On the program, build an episode of my life in this idyllic setting allowing me to put all the chances on my side to live my passions fully. Hard to find a job, mountains are calling and I must go. Volumes of training are consequent, search for funding, search for sponsors, implementation of various projects, implementation of communication strategy, my daily life is similar to holidays for many people but in reality being an athlete 2.0 requires a lot of commitment extra training in order to get a profit. 2019 is simply incredible, meeting great people, victories and beautiful races fill me with happiness and comfort me in my life choices.

Admittedly, I hardly earn my living and I no longer have my finger only caught in the gear but the arm. I am aware that my life is rich in history but that the financial balance weighs heavily. And why not put this beautiful life experience to the benefit of my career as an engineer. I resume the summer of 2020 in covid period, stroke of luck! Return to a standard employee schedule, meet expectations,
Joining a team to take on professional challenges is a new life. The transition from 35 hours in the mountains to those in the office is brutal but necessary. A stability regained, a new setting in Grenoble suburb and the launch of a new life.
The schedule is tricky between work, life as a couple and sport but the efforts made in order to keep myself in the mood, to do better with less time, a strategy that pays off and my performance in the race proves it. 2020 year covid but also the implementation of a performance strategy by accompanying me with loyal partners, competent with whom the current passes but also a training structure.
A new experience between Chamonix and Briancon that will also serve as a support to work on the realization of the film Côte à Côte but always more discovery by coming on shorter formats and skyrunning type. A new change of life that succeeds me on all levels and pushes me once again to change my preconceived ideas. Yes, I like to get out of my comfort zone, to confront others to give the best of myself.
I take pleasure in suffering on sessions, playing with the elements in order to progress.
Hope makes you live fully and who knows where the limit is?





2nd Galinette - Cadolive (13) - 47km 2800m+

6th French long trail champs - Cité des Pierres - 67km 2500m+

7th Maxi-Race - Annecy - 85km 4800m+

1rst PICaPICA - Ariège - 109km 11500m+


7th Belle Etoile Ski Mountaineering

15th French Team Ski Mountaineering Championships

27th Pierra Menta

1rst 42 km Trail de la Drome 2022

7​th 51km du trail de la Pastourelle - Championnats de France


15th World trail Championships - Chiang Mai Thailande


7th Porte di Pietra (Golden trail serie Italy)

1st 90 km of Mont Blanc, Chamonix

1st 34km trail of the Grand Lac, Aix les Bains


1st Xtrail of Mt Ventoux 73km
Record crossing Chamonix - Briançon 202km in trio (with B.Robin and G.Curmer), 31h45
9th Matheysins Skyrace 25km

1st French team to complete the Bob Graham Round in less than 24 hours, England
1st Swiss canyon trail 120km 2019, SUI
1st 6000D 2019, 66km, FR
12th UTMB 170km - Chamonix FR
5th Grand Raid, 170km - La Reunion Island, FR

7th tarawera ultra 100km 2018 (utwt), NZ
1st buffalo stampede (2018 oceanian's skyrunning champion), AU1er ultra trail new caledonia 115km 2018, FR


1st NORTHBURN 100 miles 2017, NZ (race record)

7th Ultratrail australia 100km(utwt) 2017, AUS
1st Great southern endurance run 187km 2017, AU

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